Shake it, Sister Lyrics

I heard there's a club
Where the girls there dance for money
Go-in' down to check it out
Gonna get me some honey
I heard the girls are sweet
And I heard they're fine
That's good enough for me
An' I'm standin' in line
Shake it, Sister

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The End? Lyrics

Well the sun comes up
In a clear blue sky
We beat the odds
And we came through alive

It's been ten long years
Of hell on Earth
Livin' every day
On red alert

You think you've never heard
The last of it
When you've made it through a
Zombie Apocalypse...

Repopulate Lyrics

Is finally saved
All the zombies are back in the grave
Good things come
To those who wait
C'mon honey, let's repopulate

Gotta repopulate
There's a party goin' on
Cos the zombies are gone
So don't be late

Don't make me wait
Cos I've taken the bait
I thought that all the good ones were taken
It's not too late
To repopulate
An' I'm risin' to the occasion




Of a sweet sensation
A firm grasp of the situation
Ready and waitin'
With a carnal cravin'
We're gettin' down to repopulation


Hidin' A Bite Lyrics

He said
That he
Was okay
He said
That he
Was feelin' fine

But I could tell
By the way
That he started to growl
An' he tried to bite my face off
An' he's startin' to turn
So I shot him in the head

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Having A Ball At The Mall Lyrics

Another sunrise
On a world that's gone to Hell
In the fight to survive
It’s every man for himself
Been brought to its knees
Anarchy and freedom
To do as we please

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